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"It is the thinker, or in case of doubt, the doubter,

who one must examine"

-Ramana Maharshi-


About Yoga at YogaSutra

What we offer:

Wouldn't it be awesome to maintain peace of mind throughout the day? the week? the year? throughout challenging times? 

It is possible. In fact, practising yoga should lead you there. This is why YogaSutra is a little different. Our classes follow the original path where you get to train your mind, while your body transforms. 

Our complete practise is rooted in genuine ancient traditions. Yoga is the path to freedom from suffering, its main purpose, and freedom from suffering results in liberation.


But, what is suffering? 

Suffering is any unwanted thought. Unwanted thoughts can range from anything mild to something extremely painful and scary. The first type can become the seeds for the second type. These thoughts, or any thought for that matter, create the reality we experience, and hence, what we experience NOW is the result of our previous thoughts. When we don't understand this, we allow the present "evidence" or what we see happening in our lives, to feedback those unwanted thoughts. So if we see, for example, sadness, we create more of this sadness. This way the suffering perpetuates. We must not feed our minds with what we see, but rather with what we want.

Suffering is created by our minds. Therefore, the practice of yoga progressively leads to mind control. When you start to control your mind you start suffering less and with practice, you are able to overcome any type of suffering. 

Our classes follow the 8-limb Ashtanga Yoga path from Patanjali's Yoga Sutras (Raja Yoga). The postures are just one of the 8 limbs. therefore our classes are a combination of yoga asanas (postures) with practices that will take you to a whole new level of experience beyond the postures. The practices require a particular order preparing your body and mind to more easily enter a state of meditation. Even if you don't consciously know it, you want to go beyond the physical aspect of yoga. Once you get there, you'll understand why. 

While becoming free from suffering, you will also heighten your wellbeing in all levels of life.

Suffering is created by our minds. Doing yoga does not mean that nothing challenging is ever going to happen, it means you'll be able to go through the challenge with equanimity and presence, without getting tangled, attached or dwelling deeply or feeling there is no way out. 

And suffering can be anything. From a little argument, stress for a presentation, to an addiction to food or someone. to something more dramatic and even tragic. Anything to which your mind gets tangled creates suffering regardless of what is it. Sometimes we are so used to it we don't realise it is suffering.


Our classes and how it works:

  • Mysore classes are IN-PERSON ONLY (starting on November).

  • Hatha Yoga at the Coogee Croquet Club are IN-PERSON and run per term.

  • All other classes are online, Live-streamed via Zoom. Feel free to ask questions after the session in the comments, or via email

  • We have a monthly membership plan with access to all the online sessions, except Mysore-Hatha Yoga classes. No casual classes for online sessions. Continuity and proper guidance are fundamental so a membership or a one-on-one session, are truly the best. From these, a one-on-one session is the best option.

  • There are three options for online membership, which differ on the length of the plan; to know more go to PLANS

  • Mysore-Style Hatha Yoga Classes are in-person only and have a different membership

  • The recordings will be available for the members to replay anytime, these will be uploaded to the Private Facebook Group or membership site.

  • Bookings are essential in order for you to get the link. These must be at least 3 h before.


Our Classes can be grouped into 7 groups, scroll down to read about these or head to OUR CLASSES:

  • Traditional Hatha Yoga complete system 90 min class

  • Ashtanga-Vinyasa-based Ashtanga Yoga complete system 75 min class.

  • Sessions of only Meditation, Pranayama,. Dharana (concentration), energy control or Yoga Nidra

  • Knowledge: Theoretical and philosophical. 

  • Sadhana sessions: sadhana refers to your own spiritual practice.

  • In-person classes


Our classes are directed to deepen your yoga practice. Postures are meant to prepare your body and mind for meditation but are not the purpose nor the end of yoga. The path continues!

When you do this system on a regular basis, your yoga practice takes on a whole new level of experience, more subtle, more magical, more powerful, more transformational. You will discover much more about yourself and this universe than what you ever imagined. Below are the sections that 

  • Shatkarmas, Energy and Bandhas

  • Pranayama

  • Pratyahara

  • Dharana

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Pandora Box (this is not a section per se, it refers to techniques from other yogic and non-yogic traditions which correspond to the above sections, and can enhance your practice.)

For details and to book, go to OUR CLASSES

About Sadhana sessions

Sadhana means Spiritual Practice. Yoga is a spiritual practice, we are all spirit! These sessions are meant to help you establish your own home practice, a very important step for a yoga practitioner as it is where the practice truly deepens.

These are early morning online Zoom sessions where we meet to practise together from the comfort of our homes, yet doing our own thing, whatever that is, just spread open your mat and try your best. We keep our cameras on so that we are connected sharing the energy of practising together. Mics are off. Don't worry if all you could do was sleep on your mat! Or only shut the alarm off! It takes time, effort and practice, but above all self-compassion.

A bit more about Yoga in Yoga Sutra

Yoga is an experiential science. as you practice, you will experience. Only through your own experience, you will know.

YogaSutra is a space where hopefully you'll get to experience a glimpse of what yoga is in its subtle dimension provided you are disciplined, consistent and open-minded. You'll learn to see your body as the most beautiful instrument for your spiritual awakening, but also you'll discover you are not it. With time, you'll take this space with you everywhere you go.

Yoga is not a "performance" practice. What really matters happens within and while your body will transform, the external physical expression of this progress is not a measure of your inner transformation. 

Come here to feel, to discover, to connect, to sense your Self, come to simply BE... although this is an endless process for most of us!

Begin disidentifying with your mind, which may take all your life and many more LIFETIMES! ha!

Start the path of becoming free from yourself. This is a spark that ignites in your heart and you become a seeker. You may drift to other paths as you begin your own journey; you have started to awaken. It is our wish to ignite this spark in you. May you find your path, may you find that what you seek is always right here, right now.


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"I am a total novice to Yoga and Catalina made me feel comfortable straight away. She has a very calm and friendly aura that makes the whole experience even more relaxing. She guided me through the class and gave me good hints on how to do it and on what to feel and where. It was for sure a great introduction to yoga in a great class and I felt very good afterwards."

Annet Ronson


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