Updated on:
30th September 2020

Hi there!!

Very excited 🤩, grateful 🙏🏻and super happy that the classes are picking up and students are very satisfied!!! 🧘🏼👌🏻

It has been an awesome journey, fine-tuning sound, video settings, investing in the business, believing in it with all my heart, and getting better every single time 🥰🤩

NEXT coming soon is the IN-PERSON Pure Hatha Yoga Class Term at the Coogee Croquet Club, where you get to learn the real techniques not taught in most places. A 1.5h class that comprises the minimum stages of the true Hatha YOGA practice.

And on November, I hope, the Mysore-Style Hatha Yoga classes will be launching. Yay!!!

These are either stand-alone or complementary to your other classes. They are the very best way to learn as you will get specific adjustments for your body and mind, and get to evolve through the practice at your own pace.

Updated on:
20th July 2020

Hi there!

All the classes are online. They will be live-streamed via zoom and will be available to watch from our private Facebook Group. Please feel free to post comments after you finish your session. I will be very happy to answer your questions. 

In the Facebook Group, I will be posting tutorials and short videos that will support your practice physically and mentally, which you can watch anytime.

The membership price is now very accessible for most people. More Live sessions will be added with time depending on how this strategy goes.


These classes go through the sections that comprise a complete yoga practice: the complete system.

In summary, your physical asana practise is a preparation for higher practices that will lead to mind control, overcoming suffering, persistent resilience, and the ability to fine-tune your perception of reality, among many other benefits and discoveries. What varies between the classes of Monday and Tuesday is mainly the Asana part: the postures and sequencing. Both classes lead to same purpose, and the finishing sections are the same.

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